House Manager/Projectionist

General Job Description

  • The State Theatre‚Äôs House Manager is responsible for operating and managing the theatre during their shift. Including guest safety and comfort, managing the staff and volunteers, operating the digital projection equipment. Also, selling tickets at the box office, and opening and closing of the Veezi Point of Sale software.
  • The staffing plan for projectionists is to have two teams of two projectionists. Although it is a two person team, there will be one projectionist on duty at a time. The purpose of the two teams is to assure coverage and also to give each projectionist time off. Each team will work approximately 18 hours per week with a schedule of alternating weekends. Nights and weekends are mandatory. Position pays $10.00/hour. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  • Managing duties of the theatre, including guest comfort and safety.
  • Supervise Box Office, Concessions, and Front of House staff; serve as a systems administrator to ticketing and POS system.
  • Follow Opening and Closing Procedures.
  • Selling tickets in the Box Office until 15 minutes before the movie.
  • Starting the projector to run the features, trailers, and movie and ensuring that the movie runs through its entirety successfully.
  • Is involved for creating the atmosphere of the overall customer experience.
  • Maintenance of The State Theatre
    • Ensuring that the theatre is always impeccably clean and orderly, including cleaning up food, spills, and trash from the auditorium and elsewhere before the movie.
    • In-charge of ensuring that the cleaning the concessions stand, restocking and cleaning of bathrooms and lobby is cleaned before leaving the theater.
    • Ensuring the sidewalks are free from debris, including trash, snow and ice